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30/07/2020 - From: Christina


With a new day comes a new chance. New chances with celery juice? In any case, the KALEANDME celery juice cleanse will give you the opportunity to have a conscious start to a new day. The celery cleanse, which consists of our celery juice Cedric Celery and our organic ginger shot Ginny Ginger, does not only convince because of its ingredients and its positive characteristics. It also offers you the opportunity to throw your previous habits overboard and give the starting signal for a more conscious start to the day. In this blog article we will show you how your future morning routine could look like, which advantages you may have and why the celery cleanse is a real alternative to the full juice cleanse.

Time for change - The conscious start to the day

Stress in everyday life is constantly increasing. This makes mindfulness and awareness of your own body and its signals more and more important. The KALEANDME celery cleanse can get things moving for you. It is the starting signal for first changes and can help you to break with established patterns and leave your usual paths. The morning is yours. Consciously take time for yourself before the challenges of everyday life can come at you. During the celery cleanse your new morning routine starts with a bottle of Cederic Celery. After getting up you drink 500ml of fresh celery juice. Your morning routine offers you the opportunity to focus on mindfulness. Take the time you need to start the day stronger and to consciously do something good for your body - sports, a short walk in fresh air or mediation. After you have taken 30 minutes for yourself, you complement your breakfast with our organic ginger shot. With its spiciness and the extra dose of vitamin C, Ginny Ginger is a wake-up call and the kick start to a new day.


The celery cleanse - for green juice lovers

Green, greener, Cedric Celery

Kaleandme celery juice Cedric Celery

Our celery juice Cedric Celery gets its bright green colour from its 95% pure celery. The remaining 5% are a splash of lemon, which complements the spicy taste of the celery juice. But what kind of superpower does the hippest of our local vegetables have? Celery juice is a real source of potassium and vitamin K1. The proven potassium contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system and muscle function. Potassium also helps maintain normal blood pressure. Celery juice has a high protein content, which has a positive effect on muscle growth and contributes to the normal maintenance of the bones.

Hot & Spicy: Organic ginger shot Ginny Ginger

The second element of the celery cleanse is our organic ginger shot Ginny Ginger. Consisting of ginger, apple and lemon juice, Ginny Ginger is a source of vitamin C, which supports the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin C is the ideal companion for your morning as it helps to reduce tiredness. The concentrated load of ginger gives Ginny Ginger its spiciness and gives you the kick start you need. Apple and lemon are responsible for the extra fresh taste.

Like all our cold-pressed juices, Cedric Celery and Ginny Ginger are made durable with the innovative HPP-technique. In the gentle HPP process pressure is used instead of heat to kill germs and bacteria while preserving the fresh juices and keeping vitamins and nutrients without the addition of preservatives.

Reviews on the celery cleanse

The celery cleanse can be your personal start to your time of change. And you are not the only one on this journey:

“I really wanted to be part of this hype about celery juice but I had to get used to the taste and even if I never thought it was possible,I like it now!” @hanna_bohnekamp

“Since then I am less tired, I regularly do my sports program again and I am more motivated to eat healthy food!” @herz_und_fell

“I wouldn't declare the juice as "miracle drink" after two weeks of testing. However, the small change made me realize once again how quickly one can get used to anything new.”

Kaleandme celery juice

“Due to the mineral salts it definitely tastes very spicy and salty! After 3 days I noticed how good the celery juice is in the morning. I'm absolutely not a morning person and normally I have difficulties getting out of bed in the morning. But after only three days I got up really easily and was anything but tired!” @sunglasses_and_peonies

Buying the celery cleanse and the celery juice

Your new morning routine is also possible without much effort. No time-consuming self-pressing or buying celery juice in the supermarket. You would like to try the celery cleanse? You can easily buy our celery juice: In the KALEANDME online shop you can order the 14 day celery cleanse - freshly delivered to your doorstep.The two week cleanse provides you with 14 fresh juices and 14 organic shots to find your new morning routine and establish it into your everyday life.

Transformation light - addition instead of replacement with the celery juice

Unlike the classic juice cleanse, the celery cleanse is designed to complement your diet. Your meals are not completely replaced by juices. Rather, the celery cleanse is a positive add-on to a conscious and mindful lifestyle. Due to no calorie deficit, the celery cleanse is an alternative to the juice cleanse in situations in which our body needs its full energy supply. During pregnancy or while breast-feeding it is not advisable to replace meals with juices. In addition, fresh and high-quality juices without additives or preservatives offer the possibility to take care of your own body. But the celery cleanse is not only an alternative to the juice cleanse for pregnant women or new mothers - a high energy supply is also important for athletes. The positive features regarding muscle building and bone preservation make the celery cleanse a juice cleanse alternative for athletes.

  Do you want to try our celery juice? Get our celery cleanse with Cedric Celery and Ginny Ginger now!  




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