Energy Balls with Coconut

23/10/2018 - From: Samira


We got creative once again and tried some great and delicious recipes. Our favourites are these yummy and juicy energy ball with coconut, cashew nuts and dates. They are a perfect power snack at work or whenever you are craving something sweet.


Ingredients for the Energy Balls

1 Cup Dates
1 Cup Cashew nuts
3/4 Cup grated coconut
30g vegan protein powder
15g coconut oil
Chia Seeds, grated coconut or chopped cashew nuts for decoration.

Energy Balls Ingredients
Energy Balls with Coconut Serving

Preparation of the Energy Balls

First, mix all the dry ingredients and mix them until the mixture has the texture of flour. Then add the dates one by one until the mixture is fully combined. If it is still too dry to form small balls add some water or any kind of milk until the mixture is wet enough to stay as formed. Then form small balls and decorate them with chia seeds, grated coconut or chopped nuts. Pop them in the fridge for about 2 to 3 hours and enjoy these delicious energy balls.


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