Time for more mindfulness

Get up, work, a doctor's appointment during lunch break, continue working, a short visit to the gym, then it's time for dinner with friends in a restaurant - but where is time for yourself? On some days our calendars are full of appointments from morning to evening. We often forget to take time off for ourselves. But between work and daily stress you should consciously take time for yourself and pay attention. In this blog article you will learn why relaxing and attentive moments are important, how you can integrate more attentiveness into your everyday life and what a mindful evening actually is.

Different Forms of Nutrition

Whether vegan, raw food, clean eating or paleo - there are many different forms of nutrition. But why do some people eat only raw food and why do others live vegan? In this blog article we tell you what is behind paleo, Clean Eating and Raw Food and which reasons lead to a change of diet.

Kale&Me Summer Recipes

Not only do we supply you with cold pressed juices this summer, but we have also developed light summer recipes to match the warm temperatures. In this blog article you will gradually find new summer recipes over the next few weeks, all of which are quick and easy to prepare. Have fun trying them out!

Anda Açaí - our new Açaí shot

Açai Bowl, dried Açai berries, Açai puree - the Brazilian super berry Açai is as varied as the costumes at the carnival in Rio. And now you can even drink Açai as an organic shot! Our Kale-family has had exotic offspring: Together with the well-known fitness expert Fernanda Brandao, we developed the organic shot Anda Açai. In this blog article, we not only tell you about the special features of Anda Açaí, but also explain how we came to work together with Fernanda Brandao.

Açai Berry

“Akai”, “Assai” or “Azai”? There are many different ways of pronouncing the super-berry. But how do you say it right? Where does the superfood grow? And what does it taste like? From appearance to preparation - we explain everything you need to know about Açaí in this blogpost.

Bowl with fermented vegetables from Complete Organics

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer again and we are more and more craving light, healthy meals that are easy and quick to prepare. Therefore, we have thought about a tasty and healthy spring dish and present you today a great recipe for an Asian rice bowl with fermented vegetables from the Munich startup Complete Organics.

Our Celery Cleanse

Celery – a green vegetable that is often underrated. But it has become the latest trendy drink! But where does the hype around celery comes from and how does the celery cleanse work? In this blog article we will give you some insights on our new green juice Cedric Celery and the celery cleanse.

Water Balance

Did you know that your body consists of 50% to 70% of water? Water is one of the principal component of the body and has many important functions. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your water or liquid intake. How much water you need and what our body is using it for will be explained in this article.

Hunger and Satisfaction

Where does our hunger come from? At what point is our body satisfied ?
Being hungry or satisfied is a normal feeling we are confronted with every day. But these feelings are actually a highly complex process. In this blog post we want to explain how our body regulates hunger and satisfaction and which mechanisms play an essential role.

Vegan Brownies with Amy Almond

Brownies are the cheat food for everyone. Heaps of chocolate and sugar, the typical american cake is incredibly tasty but makes us feel a bit guilty afterwards. Therefore, we thought of a recipe that tastes as good but is healthy and guilt free. Brownies with kidney beans and our sweet Amy Almond. Sounds interesting, tastes amazing!

Acai Bowl Recipe

Açaí berries are a very delicious fruit from Brazil. We tried the most famous recipe and added our beloved Amy Almond to create a unique Acai Bowl.

Energy Balls with Coconut

We got creative once again and tried some great and delicious recipes. Our favourites are these yummy and juicy energy ball with coconut, cashew nuts and dates. They are a perfect power snack at work or whenever you are craving something sweet.

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