Individual Juice Cleanse

10/09/2018 - From: Samira


Your individual juice cleanse

Many people have food intolerances or suffer from allergies. If you are allergic to apples, pineapples or almonds, you may think that a juice cleanse isn’t suitable for you. That’s not completely right because we are offering alternatives to you! We have our preset 3 and 5 day juice cleanses but we offer as well the possibility to create an individual juice paket.


In the following we will give you an overview of the most common intolerances and their suitable replacements:

Your juice cleanse without apple:
Billy / Billy / Berry Amy / Al / Al / Berry Amy

juice cleanse without apple

juice cleanse without pineapple

Your juice cleanse without pineapple:
Billy / Catie / Al / Rosy / Kalvin / Berry Amy


Your juice cleanse without almond:
Pamela / Catie / Al / Rosy / Kalvin / Al
juice cleanse without almond

Of course these are just our recommendations and you can still choose the juice combination you prefer. All different options can be found in our online-shop. Enjoy your juice cleanse!


von Samira

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