Juice Cleanse Preparation

10/09/2018 - From: Janina


How to prepare for a juice cleanse

Before the juice cleanse you should prepare your body a few days in advance. You wonder why and how? We will tell you everything about it in this blogpost.


Juice cleanse preparation is essential

A juice cleanse is a new and unusual experience for your body. Drinking only juices instead of eating solid food is something your body has to adjust to, since its daily task is to digest the food you eat. Therefore, we recommend to prepare your body 2-3 days before starting the juice cleanse.
Our body gets used to ingredients such as caffeine and nicotine quite fast, which is why so many of us depend on the daily morning cup of coffee to wake up. During the juice cleanse you should avoid eating solid food as well as caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Instead, you only drink our juices and 2-3 liters of water and caffeine-free tea.

Raw Food cleanse preparation


Juice Cleanse Preparation - How to:

The preparation days help your body in the best possible way to master the juice cleanse. To avoid any trouble, you should start 2 days in advance with your preparation. To make it easier for you, we have summed up the do’s and don'ts in the following part.


  1. Drink enough water
    Before, during and after the juice cleanse you should drink at least 2 liters of water, unsweetened herbal or fruit teas or warm lemon water.
  2. Eat mostly raw and liquid food
    By doing so, you give your body an excellent basis for the juice cleanse. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibre and supply your body with important nutrients and vitamins. Try cucumber and carrot sticks for dinner!
  3. Listen to your body!
    We just provided you with some tips on how to prepare for a juice cleanse, however in the end only you know what your body needs!


  1. Avoid high-fat and heavy foods
    Try to avoid these kinds of food, e.g. pizza and fries, because they remain a long time in your digestive tract until they are fully digested.
  2. Reduce simple carbohydrates
    They are found in highly processed foods that are pretty low in fibre. Simple carbohydrates are responsible for peaks of your blood-sugar level and for your cravings (e.g. white flour products, sweets).
  3. Stay away from caffeine, nicotine, sugar and alcohol
    Your body gets used to these substances quite quickly so avoid consuming these substances before and try caffeine-free coffee and teas.

If you follow these tips you will be well prepared for your juice cleanse. In case you have any further questions, please feel free to message us any time at hello@kaleandme.com.


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