Get motivated to work out - 5 tips by Kate

11/09/2018 - From: Samira


How to get and stay motivated to work out

It is quite easy to find reasons against working out: A rainy day or an office appointment are often used as excuses for not going to the gym. As a solution, our motivation expert Kate from katestedlife has prepared five tips on how to get and stay motivated to work out for you because we all know there is no better feeling than the one after a good workout.


Variate your workout

I always try to mix up my workout routine to avoid the risk of getting bored of my workouts. If we are bored of something we won’t continue doing it. That’s why I’m going to different gyms where I’m doing different kinds of workouts. Sometimes, I will do cardio, other days I’m joining a HIIT class, go on a bike ride or simply do weights. Mixing up my workout routine keeps me being creative and that’s the reason why I love moving my body.

Stick to the plan!?

Even though I’m a really structured and organized person, I don’t stick to a fixed workout plan. I’m doing exactly the kind of workout which I enjoy the most at the moment. So if I’m feeling like doing HIIT on Mondays, I will move my weight training to Tuesday.

Work out with a gym buddy

Friends - the name of the game when talking about motivation. There have been so many times I wouldn’t have worked out if I hadn’t had scheduled a gym session together with a good friend. Especially in the beginning of my healthy journey I always trained together with a friend. Not having to workout alone, brought me one step closer to my fitness goals.

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Don’t pressure yourself

The biggest motivation killer is mental pressure. A workout needs to be fun, otherwise you just end up torturing yourself. So don’t feel bad if you can’t workout because you are sick or have an important appointment. If you really don’t feel like working out in the evening, just pack your gym bag, rest and start over the next morning.

Schedule your workout times

A good preparation is half of the story because having a fixed workout schedule means not being able to find excuses. So schedule your workout times and the excuse “no time to workout” won’t count anymore. Another trick is to keep your gym bag packed and your gym gear ready to use.
As you might know I love working out in the morning, a good workout session and a refreshing shower equals a fresh start into the day. It will take some time until you get used to this habit but nowadays I try to have all my other appointments in the evening. Just try to have a fixed time for your workouts!


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