Anda Açaí - our new Açaí shot

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Our new shot Anda Açai

Açai Bowl, dried Açai berries, Açai puree - the Brazilian super berry Açai is as varied as the costumes at the carnival in Rio. And now you can even drink Açai as an organic shot! Our Kale-family has had exotic offspring: Together with the well-known fitness expert Fernanda Brandao, we developed the organic shot Anda Açai. In this blog article, we not only tell you about the special features of Anda Açaí, but also explain how we came to work together with Fernanda Brandao.


Anda Acai our new organic acai shot

Our exotic Anda Açaí

Small but powerful - this is our new organic shot from the Brazilian super berry Açaí! We use 4 ingredients for our organic shot Anda Açaí: In addition to the Açai purée, the exotic shot also contains coldpressed apple and lemon juice and a hint of cayenne pepper!


In Europe Açai is often offered as Açai bowls with bananas, granola and other toppings, which is why many people think that Açai tastes sweet. However, the small powerberry has much more to offer in terms of flavour which you can taste in our new Açai shot: The açai puree gives our shot a mild, earthy vanilla note. In combination with the lemon and apple juice, Anda Açai is sour-fruity rounded off by the pleasant spiciness of the cayenne pepper.

Like all of our cold-pressed shots (Ginny Ginger, Sally Seaberry and Fitz Fennel), we only use organically grown ingredients and preserve Anda Açai using the innovative HPP process. This allows us to preserve vitamins and nutrients, 100% natural, 0% preservatives.

Whether in the morning after getting up, for lunch, before your training or as a kick for in between - Anda Açaí is your perfect companion at any time of the day. Due to the practical format in a 100-milliliter bottle, you can take Anda everywhere you go. Additionally, you can also drink our powershot during your juice cleanse as an addition to your morning juice or anytime during the day.


Kale&Me x Fernanda Brandao

We developed Anda Açaí in cooperation with the well-known fitness expert Fernanda Brandao. Fernanda was born in Brazil and has been living in Hamburg since the age of ten. She travels regularly to her home country and supervises various projects on site. During on one of these trips, she lived for several weeks with an indigenous tribe in the rainforest, where she got to know the traditions of the indigenous people even better. In Brazil, the Açaí berry is one of the most important staple foods. Fernanda Brandao therefore continued to study the superberry, its cultivation and its ingredients intensively after her journey.

Organic Acai Shot Anda Acai with Fernanda Brandao


In Europe, Açaí is often offered in dried form, as an Açaí bowl or Açaí puree and mixed with fruits such as bananas. The typical earthy-vanilla Açaí aroma is often lost as a result. Fernanda was keen on increasing awareness of the classic Açaí flavor.
At the beginning of 2019 Fernanda Brandao did our juice cleanse. Because she liked our concept and the fresh taste of our juices, Fernanda approached us with the idea of a joint Açaí product. In addition to the real Açaí taste, Fernanda was particularly interested in the naturalness, quality and sustainability of the product. This was where Fernanda Brandao's ideas overlapped with our juice knowledge: We only use high-quality fruit and vegetables for our products, which we press in our own factory close to Hamburg. Additionally, we use the innovative HPP process to preserve our juices and shots in a way that preserves vitamins and nutrients. This makes our juices and shots 100% natural. And another thing connects Fernanda Brandao and us: Our hometown Hamburg!

Organic Acai Shot Anda Acai in cooperation with Fernanda Brandao

Let's go, Anda!

We have named our new shot "Anda Açaí". Like all of our juices, Anda Açaí could not lack a name in the form of an alliteration! But what does "Anda Açaí" actually mean? The name comes from Portuguese. Açaí, of course, stands for the dark purple, Brazilian superberry. Translated, "açaí" means "the weeping fruit", whose name comes from a Brazilian legend.


And since the Açaí berry is one of the most important staple foods in its main cultivation area Brazil, it was obvious to give our new organic shot a Brazilian first name: Anda! Thus our new Açaí shot does not only carry a part of FernANDA Brandaos first name, but also means "Let's go" at the same time. There is definitely no better name for our powershot! So: Let's go Anda Açaí!


You have only tried Açaí berries in bowls or as Açaí puree so far? With our Anda Açaí in cooperation with Fernanda Brandao, the popular super berry is now also available as a coldpressed shot.


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