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Green, greener – our celery cleanse

Celery – a green vegetable that is often underrated. But it has become the latest trendy drink! But where does the hype around celery comes from and how does the celery cleanse work? In this blog article we will give you some insights on our new green juice Cedric Celery and the celery cleanse.


Trendsetter 2019: The Celery Cleanse

#celeryjuice, #celerycleanse, #celeryjuicechallenge – celery juice seems to be the latest trend from the US sweeping social media.
We from Kale&Me offer the bright green cold-pressed juice from now on in our online shop: 14 cold-pressed celery juices and 14 cold-pressed gingershots for your new morning routine! Ready to try the celery cleanse? Let’s go!
The concept of the celery cleanse is easy to describe and it is just as easy to integrate it in your everyday life: every morning you drink 500 ml of our celery juice Cedric Celery on an empty stomach. Afterwards you wait for at least 30 minutes before you drink one bottle of our ginger shot Ginny Ginger along with your breakfast. Compared to our 3, 5 and 7-day juice cleanse, the celery cleanse can be easily incorporated in your usual diet: after you drink the celery juice you can pursue a diversified and balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle over the rest of the day.
The idea behind the different kind of juice cleanse is to pay more attention to yourself and your body and to create a new morning routine. Take your time, start the morning with a celery juice and take a deep breath before you start your day!


Our celery juice Cedric Celery

Cedric Celery – for green juice lovers

The main role in our celery cleanse plays Cedric Celery: our new celery juice in the 500 ml bottle! After our avocado juice Al Avoca and our kale juice Kalvin Kale the third green juice Cedric Celery completes our collection. A special feature of our new green juice is that it consists of only 2 ingredients: celery juice and lemon juice – that’s it! With more than 95 % celery it is our juice with the highest proportion of vegetables!


The combination of celery and lemon gives Cedric a hearty-spicy, slightly sour taste. Like all of our juices and shots Cedric Celery is cold-pressed and made durable with the HPP technique which protects vitamins and nutrients. Additionally, all our juices do not contain any additives or and preservatives. Moreover, our celery juice is high in protein and a proven source of potassium which contributes to the normal functioning of muscle and to the normal activity of the nervous system.


Your morning with the celery cleanse

The celery cleanse is available in our Online-Shop so you can order it very easily to your doorstep. After the package arrives you can start immediately with the cleanse, because no preparation is needed. Our celery cleanse is designed for 14 days and consists of 14 bottles of our celery juice Cedric Celery (500 ml) as well as 14 bottles of our organic-ginger shot Ginny Ginger (100 ml). You start the morning of your celery cleanse with drinking one bottle of out celery juice Cedric Celery on an empty stomach. Consciously take the time you need, while drinking the juice and start your day with a moment of attentiveness for you and your body. Afterwards you should allow your body a little break for 30 minutes befor you drink one bottle of our ginger shot Ginny Ginger along with your breakfast. One bottle of Ginny Ginger consists of 100 gram ginger and is a great source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to reduce fatigue and supports the normal function of the immune system – there is no better way to start your day!


Ginny Ginger – the source of vitamin c

In the celery cleanse Cedric Celery is accompanied by our ginger shot Ginny Ginger. After the green vegetable juice, Ginny brings with its mixture of ginger-, apple- and lemon juice a slightly fruity hotness into the celery cleanse.
Ginny Ginger is made by organic raw materials, that are also cold-pressed and made durable with the HPP technique. Our organic-ginger shot is not only made out of 100 g ginger, it is also a real source of vitamin c. Vitamin c helps to reduce fatigue and supports the normal function of the immune system – there is no better way to start in the day!

Our ginger shot Ginny Ginger


You love green vegetables? You want to create a new morning routine and take more time for yourself? Then our celery cleanse is perfect for you! Try it out and convince yourself!



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