Our Cold-pressed Shots

10/09/2018 - From: Janina


Small but powerful: our-cold-pressed shots

Ginny Ginger, Sally Seaberry and Fitz Fennel - the Kale-Family keeps growing! Ginny, Sally and Fitz are literally the small ones of our juice family. Let us introduce them to you.


Cold-pressed shots

“Small but powerful” - the past weeks we have been working really hard in our product development team to accomplish this mission. The results are Ginny, Fitz and Sally - our brand new shot dream team. Like our other juices, they are cold-pressed, never heated and don’t contain any additives or preservatives. To produce the shots, we are exclusively using fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

“We want to introduce ourselves”

Three new shots come with three new flavours. Are you on team ginger, a seaberry lover or do you have a weak spot for the good old fennel? It doesn’t matter what your taste buds please - we have something for everyone!

Ginny Ginger
Spicy ginger combined with sweet apples and sour lemons. The classic shot.

Sally Seaberry
Northern Seaberry meets fiery cayenne pepper. You’ve never tasted something like this before!

Fitz Fennel
A surprisingly new combination of fennel and orange intensified with cayenne pepper. Definitely a must have for all fennel lovers.

Kale&Me cold-pressed shots

Shots for every occasion

Ginny, Fitz and Sally are the perfect companion for every time of the day. Start your morning with a powerful shot after you wake up or boost your metabolism around lunch time. Feeling tired in the afternoon? Try one of our shots to freshen up your day! We kept the packaging small, so they will fit in every bag. Are you currently doing our juice cleanse? No problem, our shots just complement the whole experience.

Old and new combined

For our shots, we are using well known but also new ingredients. We already use ginger and seaberry in two of our juices. If you try Rosy Roots you will definitely experience a gingery aftertaste which inspired us to highlight the pure ginger flavour in one of our shots. Together with the sweetness of apples and the refreshing taste of lemons, we have created the perfect daily booster for your metabolism.
Seaberry isn’t only the flavour of Billy Basil but a typical fruit of northern germany, like our hometown Hamburg. That’s why we have decided to dedicate a shot to our northern roots. Sally is composed of seaberry, apple, lemon and cayenne pepper.
Fennel - as you might notice we haven’t been using this ingredient in our juices before but we have decided to try something new. Accompanied by orange, lemon and cayenne pepper, we have interpreted the rather old fashioned vegetable in a new way.


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