The Art of Meditation

10/09/2018 - From: Samira



Meditation - the very first thing that slips our mind? A person sitting in the lotus seat, hands placed on the knees whilst saying “Ommmm”. I’m sure if you have tried meditation, you will know that there is much more to it! But where does meditation have its origins, why is it useful to practice and how can you do it?


Meditation - more than 13.000 years old

Meditation is even older than buddhism which is often seen as the founder of meditation. But buddhism is only 2600 year old, in contrary meditation is already more than 13.000 years old. Back then, Kriya Yoga was said to be practiced in Dravidian which used to be the south of India. This specific type of yoga practices the first mental exercises of meditation. Siddhis passed on their knowledge and experiences for generations. Later on, Buddhism played an important role on spreading meditation around the globe. Even though meditation is coming from a spiritual culture, it can be practiced without any spiritual background.

Monk practicing meditation

What does “to meditate” mean and how does it work?

Basically, meditation brings a lost mind back to its origins. You will let go of anger, any kind of incidents, future plans and wishes and will be able to experience complete inner balance. Relaxation is responsible for a greater consciousness and by letting go of all thoughts your mind defocuses. Beyond your thoughts you will stay completely conscious and end up in a state of unity and spiritual affinity.


What does meditation do to your body?

  1. Relaxation and a decrease of the stress hormone cortisol
  2. Healing effect and improvement of health ( e.g. beneficial for migraine, back pain, chronic pain, asthma)
  3. Clarity, focus, and energy
  4. Deep inner satisfaction

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