Water Balance

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Did you know that your body consists of 50% to 70% of water? Water is one of the principal component of the body and has many important functions. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your water or liquid intake. How much water you need and what our body is using it for will be explained in this article.



Water Compensation

We need to find a balance between water intake and water loss so our body can function properly. If we do not drink enough we are dehydrated, which has an impact on your skin, hair and whole body. If we drink too much, our body gets rid of the water.

How much water is enough?

There is no exact amount of water that is right for everybody. The water amount needed per day depends on the person and their activities and is influenced by many factors. For example age, lifestyle, metabolism and physical activities during the day. A formula suggests that an adult is supposed to intake 20 to 40 milliliters per kg of body weight. For example, an adult that weighs 70kg:

20 Milliliters x 70kg = 1400 Milliliters
40 Milliliters x 70kg = 2800 Milliliters
That means the person should drink between 1,4 liters to 2,8 liters per day. This is a wide range and shows us again how much our needed amount of water is depending on different factors. The needed amount varies from day to day not only from person to person. High temperatures and physical activities can cause sweat and water loss which should be compensated.

Liquids for Water Balance


Our body - A waterwork

More than half of our body consists of water. It is an essential component in our blood. Water also takes a big part in our blood circulation. The transport and the supply of oxygen and nutrients would not be possible without water. Furthermore, water is vital for our somatic cells and body tissues. In addition, the water in our body is also used to cool down our body if we are to hot. This, for instance, happens when we sweat.

Thirst - a signal from our body

We should always intake the amount of water needed so our body can function properly. If we do not drink enough, we lack liquids. Thirst and a dry mouth are the first indicator for dehydration. If the lack of liquids continues, we might feel dizzy or get headaches.

The right kind of drink

Not every liquid can satisfy your dehydration. While choosing your drink, you should have a look at the ingredients. There exist hypotonic, hypertonic and isotonic drinks.
Hypotonic Drinks have a lower osmotic pressure than blood. This means that our body can easily absorb them. For this reason, they are best for thirst and for covering the daily amount needed. Hypotonic drinks are or example water and unsweetened tea.
Hypertonic Drinks contain many calories, sugar and salt such as lemonades. Their osmotic pressure is higher than the pressure from our blood. Therefore they are not absorbed easily and do not support our daily amount needed.
Isotonic Drinks consist of many similar things we also find in our blood (minerals and glucose). This is why they are absorbed so fast and that’s why they are so popular in sports. However, you should not drink them too often as they have a fairly high level of sugar as well.

Coffee, Alcohol and energy drinks do not belong to any of the categories above. They are semiluxury foods. Because of their high level of caffeine and alcohol you have to go to the toilet more often and thus flush out minerals.


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