Kale&Me Summer Recipes

Not only do we supply you with cold pressed juices this summer, but we have also developed light summer recipes to match the warm temperatures. In this blog article you will gradually find new summer recipes over the next few weeks, all of which are quick and easy to prepare. Have fun trying them out!

Datum: 01/08/2019

Bowl with fermented vegetables from Complete Organics

The sun is shining, the days are getting longer again and we are more and more craving light, healthy meals that are easy and quick to prepare. Therefore, we have thought about a tasty and healthy spring dish and present you today a great recipe for an Asian rice bowl with fermented vegetables from the Munich startup Complete Organics.

Datum: 09/04/2019

Energy Balls with Coconut

We got creative once again and tried some great and delicious recipes. Our favourites are these yummy and juicy energy ball with coconut, cashew nuts and dates. They are a perfect power snack at work or whenever you are craving something sweet.

Datum: 23/10/2018

Buddha Bowl with Quinoa

Buddha Bowls - the new big star in the foodie-heaven. This combination of a complex carbohydrate base and fresh vegetables is not only delicious but beautiful as well. We’ve created a bowl with quinoa, vegetables and hummus which is incredibly tasty.

Datum: 10/09/2018

Quinoa Porridge with Fresh Fruits and Nuts

Breakfast - for some the most important meal of the day. Start your day right and have a breakfast rich in nutrients. The perfect option is porridge which is simple, quick and really tasty. We’ve freshened up the recipe and replaced oats by the superfood quinoa.

Datum: 09/09/2018

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