Buddha Bowl with Quinoa

Buddha Bowls - the new big star in the foodie-heaven. This combination of a complex carbohydrate base and fresh vegetables is not only delicious but beautiful as well. We’ve created a bowl with quinoa, vegetables and hummus which is incredibly tasty.

Datum: 10/09/2018

The Art of Meditation

Meditation - the very first thing that slips our mind? A person sitting in the lotus seat, hands placed on the knees whilst saying “Ommmm”. I’m sure if you have tried meditation, you will know that there is much more to it! But where does meditation have its origins, why is it useful to practice and how can you do it?

Datum: 10/09/2018

HPP Method

In the modern food industry there are many different ways to increase the shelf life of products. One of the most gentle methods is the high pressure processing technique also called HPP. The HPP method destroys germs and bacteria by applying a huge amount of pressure on the products while it preserves vitamins and nutrients at the same time.

Datum: 10/09/2018

Individual Juice Cleanse

Many people have food intolerances or suffer from allergies. If you are allergic to apples, pineapples or almonds, you may think that a juice cleanse isn’t suitable for you. That’s not completely right because we are offering alternatives to you!

Datum: 10/09/2018

Quinoa Porridge with Fresh Fruits and Nuts

Breakfast - for some the most important meal of the day. Start your day right and have a breakfast rich in nutrients. The perfect option is porridge which is simple, quick and really tasty. We’ve freshened up the recipe and replaced oats by the superfood quinoa.

Datum: 09/09/2018

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