Your new morning routine with our celery cleanse

You want to discover the effects of celery juice? In this blogpost, we not only share the most important facts on our celery cleanse, but also some reviews with you!

Datum: 30/07/2020

Carla Curcuma

We have some exciting news! In the past weeks we've developed a new shot with a whole new composition for you! Just in time for summer, it's getting invigorating, fruity, and spicy: Carla Curcuma is here!

Datum: 25/06/2020

Juice fasting, apparent fasting, therapeutic fasting - everything about fasting

Fasting is understood as the complete renunciation of solid food and stimulants. Originally, this meant pure water fasting, whereby only water is taken in. Over the centuries, a large number of different types of fasting have developed. But which types of fasting are there? What happens in the body during fasting? And why do people fast at all?

Datum: 03/06/2020

Different Forms of Nutrition

Whether vegan, raw food, clean eating or paleo - there are many different forms of nutrition. But why do some people eat only raw food and why do others live vegan? In this blog article we tell you what is behind paleo, Clean Eating and Raw Food and which reasons lead to a change of diet.

Datum: 21/08/2019

Water Balance

Did you know that your body consists of 50% to 70% of water? Water is one of the principal component of the body and has many important functions. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your water or liquid intake. How much water you need and what our body is using it for will be explained in this article.

Datum: 25/10/2018