Time for more mindfulness

Get up, work, a doctor's appointment during lunch break, continue working, a short visit to the gym, then it's time for dinner with friends in a restaurant - but where is time for yourself? On some days our calendars are full of appointments from morning to evening. We often forget to take time off for ourselves. But between work and daily stress you should consciously take time for yourself and pay attention. In this blog article you will learn why relaxing and attentive moments are important, how you can integrate more attentiveness into your everyday life and what a mindful evening actually is.

Datum: 26/08/2019

The Art of Meditation

Meditation - the very first thing that slips our mind? A person sitting in the lotus seat, hands placed on the knees whilst saying “Ommmm”. I’m sure if you have tried meditation, you will know that there is much more to it! But where does meditation have its origins, why is it useful to practice and how can you do it?

Datum: 10/09/2018

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