5-Day Vegetable Juice Cleanse

5-Day Vegetable Juice Cleanse

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    5-Day Vegetable Juice Cleanse

    You love vegetable juices, have already completed the 3-day vegetable juice cleanse or are looking for a special challenge? Then our vegetable juice cleanse with over 80% vegetables is the right thing for you! Our vegetable juice cleanse consists of 30 cold-pressed juices that replace your food for five days. We have developed the vegetable juice cleanse together with nutrition experts and it is perfectly adapted to the needs of our body. It provides you with important vitamins and nutrients six times a day.   


    Our TIP: Master the cleanse with a friend!

    30 bottles à 320 ml - without additives

Ingredients: 16 selected ingredients
Durability: cooled - at 2-6 °C - at least 10 days
Taste: 6 variations - something for every taste
Description of ingredients

Our 5-day vegetable juice cleanse is perfect for every vegetable juice lover! Compared to our classic juice cleanse, the vegetable juice cleanse contains less fructose and calories, making it the right choice for anyone looking for a special challenge after the classic juice cleanse! Our vegetable juice cleanse contains on average more than 80% vegetables - 5 of the 6 juices even contain only vegetables and a squeeze of lemon.

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High pressure processing
We use the innovative HPP process to preserve our juices. Instead of heat, pressure is used to kill germs and bacteria while preserving vitamins and nutrients.

Nutrition facts

Energy per day: 2376 kJ / 563 kcal
Allergens: celery, oat


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