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    The perfect start for a successful dietary change. Face the new challenge and enjoy our juices as a 3 day juice cleanse.
    Our cleanse package consists of 18 cold-pressed juices and nourishes you for 3 days. The juice cleanse is perfectly adapted to the needs of your body and provides you with important nutrients six times a day.Our Advice: master the cleanse with a buddy!18 bottles of 320 ml each - without additives

Ingredients: 18 selected ingredients
Durability: cooled - at 2-6 °C - at least 10 days
Taste: 6 variations - something for every taste
Description of ingredients

3 day juice cleanse
You feel weak, are hungover or have been living on convenience products for weeks? Your diet has a great impact on your health, appearance and well-being and only you can influence it. That’s why we created the juices to support you with making healthy choices.

Nutrition facts

Energy per day: 3024 kJ / 716.8 kCal
Allergens: almond, celery