Bundle Bio Brokkoli Shot

Bundle Bio Brokkoli Shot

Bundle Bio Brokkoli Shot

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    Bobby Broccoli - Broccoli Shot

    The perfect package for your shot storage. With our bundle, you will always have a chilled shot to hand. Plus you will even save some money. What a perfect start in the day.

    73% veggies in one bottle- Bobby Broccoli is our super green shot. The combination of broccoli and spinach is rounded off by the sweetness of the pear and a hint of lemon. Green and full of power- this best describes our Bobby Broccoli!

    Thanks to the innovative High Pressure Processing, our green shot is full of nutrients and vitamins. It is a proven source of vitamin C and is high in Vitamin K. Vitamin K helps maintaining our bones. Vitamin C not only increases the intake of iron, but also contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system and reduces fatigue. Did you also know that vitamin C helps protect our cells from oxidative stress?
    Bobby Broccoli is an all-rounder and the perfect shot during your day!

    Double portioned shot
    Instead of the standard 50ml our shots have 100ml!

    100 ml – without additives

    organic quality: VO (EG) Nr. 834/2007 DE-ÖKO-006 

Ingredients: organic broccoli juice (40%), organic spinach juice (33%), organic pear juice, organic lemon juice
Durability: cooled - at 2- 6 °C - after receiving them for 10 days
Taste: green- mild- honest
Description of ingredients

Bobby Broccoli - our green shot!

An organic shot full of vegetables and fruit! Green, greener, Bobby Broccoli!


Botanically a cabbage - and yet different from the others. Instead of leaves, broccoli consists of small edible flower buds. A flower to eat and now also to drink!

Also Popeye loved spinach. One more reason for us to liquify the vegetable in our Bobby.

"You can't compare apples to pears!" - and that's right: you can taste the unique fruity-sweet taste of the pear in our shot!

Lemons are allrounders. The lemon gives our Bobby the fizzy note.


HPP High Pressure Processing
We make our juices durable with the innovative high pressure processing (hpp). We use pressure instead of heat in order to kill germs and bacteria while keeping valuable vitamins and nutrients.

HPP Process
Nutrition facts

Energy: 109 kJ/ 26 kcal
Fat: <0,5g
of which saturates: <01,6
Carbohydrates: 3,6g
of which sugars: 3,2g
Protein: 1,9g
Salt: 0,09g
Vitamin C: 6,98mg (8,73%*)
Vitamin K: 19,8mg (26,4%*)
*Percentage of reference quantity of daily supply according to European Union (NRV)


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