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    Our celery cleanse consists of 14 cold-pressed celery juices and 14 organic-ginger shots. Every morning you drink one bottle of our celery juice Cedric Celery and after 30 minutes you drink our ginger shot Ginny Ginger along with your breakfast. It is easy for you to integrate the celery cleanse in your usual diet and you can create a great new morning routine! How better to start your day?

    14x Cedric Celery
    Our celery juice Cedric Celery consisting of celery juice and lemon juice
    14 bottles à 500 ml – without additives

    14x Ginny Ginger
    Our ginger shot Ginny Ginger with organic-apple juice, organic-ginger juice and organic-lemon juice
    14 bottles à 100 ml – without additives

Ingredients: celery juice (95 %), lemon juice Cedric Celery, organic-apple juice, organic-ginger juice, organic-lemon juice Ginny Ginger
Durability: cooled – at 2-6 °C – best before 18 days
Description of ingredients

Celery cleanse – your new 14-day morning routine!

Green, greener, Cedric Celery! Our cold-pressed juice Cedric Celery and organic ginger shot Ginny Ginger accompany you in the morning for 14 days. Cedric consists of 95 % celery and is high in protein and a proven source of potassium. Potassium contributes to the normal muscle function. Additionally, Ginny Ginger is high in Vitamin C which helps to reduce fatigue and supports the normal function of the immune system. What a perfect start into the day!


How does the celery cleanse work?

  1. Every morning you drink one bottle of our celery juice Cedric Celery (500 ml) on an empty stomach
  2. Wait for at least 30 minutes
  3. Drink one bottle of our ginger shot Ginny Ginger (100 ml) along with your breakfast
  4. Keep a balanced diet and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

Drink our celery juice for 14 days in the morning combined with our ginger shot Ginny Ginger – without additives and preservatives!
Face the challenge and try out our celery cleanse as your new morning routine!


HPP technique
All our cold-pressed juices are made durable with the innovative HPP-technique. Pressure is used instead of heat to kill germs and bacteria while keeping valuable vitamins and nutrients at the same time.

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Nutrition facts

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