Rosy Roots

Rosy Roots

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    Red, the color of love. The red Rosy is our all-rounder and a proof of love to your body! True to our motto of using as many local products as possible for our juices, we procure all of our apples from the “Altes Land” here in Hamburg. We have carefully selected the plantations. Integrative cultivation has been an essential criterion for us, but the special taste of the apple as well. That’s for a reason: Our environment and your health are our heartfelt wish!

    During the cleanse, Rosy spices up your afternoon and prepares you ideally to finish the second half of the day.

    The finish line is already close. Rosy cheers for you.

    320 ml - without additives

Ingredients: Apple, Carrot, Beetroot, Lemon, Ginger
Durability: cooled - at 2-6 °C - after receipt at least 10 days
Taste: spicy-mild-rustic
Description of ingredients

Rosy Roots - Our sorcerer's apprentice!

A touch of lemon inside the strong apple juice. A hint of spiciness: Ginger. As well as deep red beetroot and a shot of carrots.

Beetroot gives our Rosy the graceful color and ensures the slightly earthy taste that brings you back to the ground. Thanks to the beetroot, you can taste our regionality in our Rosy.

The ginger gives our Rosy the savory spiciness and lets - not only - your taste buds dance.

We procure our carrots from the idyllic village of Vögelsen on the edge of the Lüneburg Heath. There we found a family business that grows and stores different carrots all-the-year.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away" - they're right, the Englishmen. As we want to support local farmers, we procure our apples from the “Altes Land” here in Hamburg.

Lemons are all-rounders. They give our juice that certain fizz. When life gives you lemons, press juice!

Nutrition facts

Energy: 152 kJ / 36 kCal
Fat: <0,1g
Saturated fatty acids: <0,1g
Carbohydrates: 7,7g
of which sugar: 7,5g
Protein: 0,5g
Salt: <0,1g


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