Sally Seaberry

Sally Seaberry

Sally Seaberry

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    First our Sally tastes fruity and herb like seabuck. Just a moment later, the cayenne pepper kicks in and proves that Sally is a real shot. But that's exactly why we love her so much. Try for yourself!

    Double portioned shot
    Instead of the standard 50ml our shots have 100ml!

    100 ml – without additives

Ingredients: organic apple, organic seabuckthorn (37%), organic lemon, organic cayenne pepper,
Durability: cooled - at 2- 6 °C - after receiving them for 10 days
Taste: fiery, fruity, spicy
Description of ingredients

Sally Seaberry – Our Nordic one!
Seabuckthorn, aka the lemon of the north, combined with applee, lemon and a hint of cayenne pepper.

This Nordic fruit is the secret tip among the berries. Small, orange and unimpressive, it should not be underestimated, because it can easily take on superfood berries such as Acai. Seabuckthorn is a blend of fruity and bitter.

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". Most of our products we use for the juices are very regionally. That's why a big part of our apples is from the Hamburg Area "Altes Land".

Lemons are allrounders. The lemon gives our Sally the fizzy note.

Cayenne pepper
Did you know that ground chili peppers do not produce chilli powder but cayenne pepper? Chilli powder, on the other hand, is a mixture of different spices. Cayenne pepper gives our Sally with his super powers the extra kick.

Nutrition facts

Per 100ml
Energy: 137kJ / 33kcal
Fat: <0,5g
of which saturates: <0,1g
Carbohydrate: 5,6g
of which sugars: 5,2g
Protein: 0,6g
Sodium: <0,01g
Vitamin C: 14,0mg (17,5%*)
*Percentage of reference quantity of daily supply according to European Union (NRV)


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