Shot Bundle - Mix

Shot Bundle - Mix

Shot Bundle - Mix

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Content: 1.5 Liter (€33.33 * / 1 Liter)

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    The perfect package for your shot storage. With our bundle, you always have a cooled shot at home. What a perfect way to start your day.

    Package content
    Our shot Bundle includes 12 cold-pressed shots in 4 different flavours.

    3x Ginny Ginger
    Get our Ginny Ginger with apple, ginger and lemon.
    3x Sally Seaberry
    Get our Sally Seaberry with seabuckthorn, apple, lemon and cayenne pepper.
    3x Fitz Fennel
    Get our Fitz Fennel with fennel, orange, lemon and cayenne pepper.
    3x Anda Acai
    Get our Anda Acai with acai, apple, lemon and cayenne pepper.

    Double portioned shot
    Instead of the standard 50ml our shots have 100ml!

    9 bottles à 100 ml – without additives

Ingredients: 8 selected organic ingredients - see Ginny Ginger, Sally Seaberry, Fitz Fennel and Anda Acai.
Durability: cooled - at 2- 6 °C - after receiving them for 10 days
Taste: 4 variations - something for every taste
Description of ingredients

4 special shots. No additives, only the best of fruit and vegetables. Cold-pressed from 8 ingredients. Try our great creations, that taste like nothing you have ever tasted before.

HPP Process
Due to our highly innovative HPP procedure our juices are made durable. Instead of heat, we use pressure to kill bacteria and germs while preserving vitamins and nutrients.

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts Ginny Ginger: see here
Nutrition facts Sally Seaberry: see here
Nutrition facts Fitz Fennel: see here
Nutrition facts Anda Acai: see here