Special Box

Special Box

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Content: 2.01 Liter (€23.02 * / 1 Liter)

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    Our exclusive box contains 6 Chia-Bowls and 9 cold-pressed Kale&Me shots.
    With our box, you start the day full of power! The Chia-Bowls are your ideal power snack. Due to the high content of Omega-3 fatty acids, the bowls are small power tankers. Our shots give you a spicy kick - not only - in the morning!

    1x Strawberry-Vanilla, 1x Raspberry-Mint, 1x Apple-Cinnamon, 1x Apple-Aronia, 2x Banana-Turmeric

    3x Ginny Ginger, 3x Sally Seaberry, 3x Fitz Fennel

Ingredients: Ginny Ginger, Sally Seaberry and Fitz Fennel. 7 selected ingredients in organic quality for our shots, Ingredients in organic quality for our Chia-Bowls.
Durability: Shots: chilled at 2-6°C - at least 10 days | Chia-Bowls at least 6 months
Taste: 3 shot variations - 5 bowl variations - something for every taste
Description of ingredients

100% natural, without additives and in organic quality

Recommended consumption:
With a spoon, in yoghurt, with muesli or on bread: ready to eat and as you like. Our Chia-Bowls contain on average 15g chia seeds. The daily intake of 15g chia seeds should not be exceeded.
Our shots contain 100ml, which you can either enjoy in one or divide into 2 portions.

Chia-Bowl and cold-pressed shot - your start into the day!

Nutrition facts

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