Survival Box

Survival Box

Survival Box

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Content: 1.6 Liter (€34.38 * / 1 Liter)

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    Survival Box - Oktoberfest Special

    Available from 20.09.2019. As long as stock lasts.

    Get your power package for the Oktoberfest now. What awaits you? 16x the classic among the shots: Ginny Ginger: ginger shot and 5x Foodspring Energy Bars. On top a handmade heart-shaped Oktoberfest bag and a oktoberfest-style pin.

    Survival Box content:
    16x cold pressed ginny ginger shots à 100ml
    5x Foodspring Energy Bars à 35g (random selection between the flavours coconut-raspberry and almond-pumpkin seed)
    1x handmade heart-shaped bag
    1x oktoberfest-style pin

    Limited number of pieces - only while stocks last

    * Ingredients and Nutritional Facts: Ginny Ginger and Energy Bar.

Ingredients: Ginny Ginger and Energy Bars* Ingredients
Durability: cooled - at 2- 6 °C - after receiving them for 10 days
Taste: something for every taste
Description of ingredients

16 cold pressed ginny ginger shots, 5 Foodspring energy bars, 1 Wiesn bag, 1 Wiesnglupperl

HPP Process
Due to our highly innovative HPP procedure our juices are made durable. Instead of heat, we use pressure to kill bacteria and germs while preserving vitamins and nutrients.

Nutrition facts

Nutritional Facts: Ginny Ginger and Energy Bars*