Tasting Box

Tasting Box

Tasting Box

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Content: 5.66 Liter (€13.96 * / 1 Liter)

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    Tasting Box - all cold pressed Kale&Me juices

    Enjoy all variations of cold pressed juices and organic shots in our tasting box. Discover each taste and find your favorite.
    Cooled packaging and quick delivery directly to your home or office.

    7x juice cleanse juices: 7 bottles à 320 ml
    5x organic shots: 5 bottles à 100 ml
    1x celery juice: 1 bottle à 500 ml

Ingredients: see specifications per product
Durability: cooled - at +2-6 °C - at least 10 days
Description of ingredients

Tasting box - find your favorite!

7 cold pressed juices for a juice cleanse. 5 organic shots. 1 celery juice for a celery cleanse. Without additives. Cold pressed. The juices and shots offer the best of vegetables and fruits. Juice creations you have never experienced before. Something for every taste.


HPP technique

With the innovative HPP process, we make our products durable. Instead of heat, pressure is used to remove germs and bacteria while preserving vitamins and nutrients. Discover more!

Nutrition facts

Nutrition facts: Pamela Pine
Nutrition facts: Catie Carrot
Nutrition facts: Al Avoca
Nutrition facts: Rosy Roots
Nutrition facts: Kalvin Kale
Nutrition facts: Amy Almond
Nutrition facts: Billy Basil
Nutrition facts: Ginny Ginger
Nutrition facts: Sally Seaberry
Nutrition facts: Fitz Fennel
Nutrition facts: Bobby Broccoli
Nutrition facts: Cedric Celery


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